Crooked House

Construction by: Travis Construction | Sponsored by: IFurnish

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♦ Set a MAX BID so you can sit back and let the auction do the work for you.

♦ After you register, open up an item, click SET MAX BID and enter the maximum amount you want to spend on the playhouse.

♦ After your first bid, it will only bid for you if you have been outbid. You will also get a notification when you have been outbid.

Your first MAX BID will either be the opening price or $100 above the latest bid. For subsequent bids, the system will automatically bid for you in $100 increments until the completion of the auction.


Your eyes are not deceiving you. This house is crooked, but that is the fun part of this vibrant playhouse. This house has windows on all sides, two rope swings, and a bench. You will also notice the colors are derived from our state flag. You don’t need to be a native of Colorado to enjoy hours of fun in the Crooked House.

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