About The Playhouse Project

The Playhouse Project is a public art exhibit to take place in Dillon Town Park during August 2023. This unique marketing event will incorporate K9 Cabins, or luxury doghouses, designed and built in partnership with local construction companies. The event will be marketed across Colorado as a must-see exhibit, driving traffic and visitors to Dillon throughout the display period. Once the K9 Cabins are revealed, we will host an online auction with proceeds being donated to Summit Lost Pet Rescue, voted Summit County’s best nonprofit in the Best of Summit event. The doghouses will then be delivered to their purchasers, where their pets can enjoy them for years to come.

2023 Event Beneficiary

Summit Lost Pet Rescue is an animal protection and welfare organization devoted to educating the public about lost pet prevention, finding lost pets in Summit County and reuniting them with their owners.

We share lost pet prevention tips and search protocols so you know what to do when your pet goes missing and what to do when you find a lost pet. Each year, an increasing number of pets in our area are lost. Our team provides step-by-step instructions, support, skills, boots on the ground, knowledge of lost pet behaviors, rescue equipment and search protocol techniques at no charge.


Since January 2020, our team of 130 dedicated and selfless volunteers has saved over 505 lost pets, resulting in 385 dogs and 120 cats who are back home with their families. In 2022 alone, we had 229 rescue missions with a 99% success rate for lost dogs, 94% success rate for indoor cats and 61% success rate for indoor/outdoor cats. Our overall success rate is 91% since our inception.

Summit Lost Pet Rescue is 100% donation-based, and donations go directly toward resources and supplies to help find lost pets. Donors help the nonprofit keep up with the increased demand for services and help save more lost pets!
Voted Summit County’s Best Nonprofit!
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Exhibiting at Dillon Marina Park