About The Playhouse Project

The Playhouse Project is a public art exhibit to take place within the town of Dillon over a four-week period in summer 2022. This unique marketing event will incorporate three to five playhouses designed and built in partnership with local construction companies. The event will be marketed across Colorado as a must-see exhibit, driving traffic and visitors to Dillon throughout the exhibit. Once the playhouses are revealed, we will host an online auction with proceeds being donated to Summit Advocates. The houses will then be delivered to their purchasers, where their children can enjoy them for years to come.

2022 Event Beneficiary

Summit Advocates hopes to create a violence-free community through safety, support, education and accountability.

Summit Advocates’ 24/7 crisis hotline provides survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault access to support, crisis intervention, advocacy and additional resources. The nonprofit provides an emergency safehouse, which can accommodate 13 survivors and their dependent children and pets, as well as longer-term transitional housing and emergency hotel stays. Through advocacy, housing, financial assistance and outreach efforts, Summit Advocates works to empower survivors.


In 2021, Summit Advocates provided 87 individuals with 2,930 nights of safety, 45 individuals with housing-related financial assistance, and two survivors with transitional, long-term housing. Additionally, 396 crisis calls were answered, 106 individuals were provided with legal advocacy, and 37 outreach events or community trainings took place. In 2020, Summit Advocates served the equivalent of one in 60 Summit County residents. In 2021, the nonprofit served 374 new clients.

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Exhibiting at Dillon Marina Park